Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog? There's a Blog?

Oh, hi.

Hello blog visitor. It's nice to have you visit. I promise we haven't ditched the blog. Really, really promise.

We're still rationing our little hearts away, but just very busy with all the crazy fall stuff that covers us in an avalanche of responsibilities every October: homework projects, Halloween costumes, parties, school conferences, etc.

I'm hoping to get some new content up in the next week or so - a few historic recipes and insights now that we're down to just two months (*gasp*) left of the rationing project.

Oh, dear...that means there's less than two months until Christmas. Yeah, things are going to get even busier around here.

But the blog shall not suffer!

After all, we wouldn't want to disappoint the fabulous readers that have made this journey so interesting and fun. Did you know that an average of 35 to 40 visitors come to the blog each day? No? How 'bout this: the blog averages around 50 page views a day.

Not too long ago the blog had almost 100 page views in a single day.

That just blows my mind. Really. When we started this project and the blog we were hoping that maybe a few (mostly) local folks would join in and provide commentary, questions and insights. Instead, the blog has had over 5,500 visitors and is edging towards 9,000 page views. Visitors have come from all six permanently inhabited continents. How crazy is that?

I can only hope that the next two months (and beyond) will be as thought-provoking and worthy of your attention.

And maybe ya'll can help suggest to us what our life should be like after rationing. Because, frankly, it all looks a bit overwhelming from down here in the trenches.

So grab a chair and a beverage, let us know where you are and what you would do after rationing if you were us.

--Rational Mama

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  1. Well, I remember that vacation you all thought about taking with the money you'd be saving. Or am I making this up? Either, way-- DO THAT! Oh, and invite me! Or we can just get a really good cup of joe and have a good conversation! I can't believe you only have two months left. I know, I know. You're saying " I can't believe we STILL have two months left." Hang in there!

    Fall is crazy for us too. All those kids I decided to have (okay 3/5 of them) were born this time of year which makes all of the extras (conferences, holiday parties, professional conferences, etc.) seem... well, like extras! I'm just glad I don't have to add rationing to my list. But you all are saints for having done so! Just sayin'...