Friday, February 11, 2011

Post-Rational Confession

So, let's see...rationing has been over for almost seven weeks.

That's seven weeks of no points. Seven weeks of menu freedom. Seven weeks of everything in the grocery store beckoning to us as potential purchases.

But I can't bear to toss out my menus/shopping lists for those seven weeks.

They're sitting in a pile near my rationing notes.

After recording all of our menus and grocery purchases every week for the rationing year I struggle with just throwing away that information for our post-rational life.

Maybe I can work up the courage, soon. After all, we'll be moving to the new house shortly - surely that will be a good time to purge seemingly worthless papers.


--Rational Mama

P.S. They'll be more post-rational thoughts to post on the blog, now that my self-imposed hiatus from blogging is over.

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