Sunday, May 8, 2011

Summer, Post-Rationing

Summer in the plains is officially here.

Today temperature was flirting with 90 degrees, and that's not the heat index. With the muggy air conditions the "feel" of the temperature was definitely in the mid-90s. It brings back memories of last year...

Last year at this time we were sweating it out, literally, as part of our rationing experiment. Trying to stay true to the period, we vowed to do our best to not run the air-conditioner in our house or cars all summer long. This meant frequent cooling showers, lots of fans, and lost sleep due to sticky sheets and misery. Eventually we caved in late June which, surprisingly, was the energy-efficient thing to do.

But this year, we are not rationing (well, unless you call reducing the square footage of your house in half rationing). And tonight near bedtime it was absolutely miserable in the house; temperature near 86 degrees and humidity level over 60%.

So friends, the air-conditioner is now on. And in all honesty it feels really, really wonderful.

--Rational Mama


  1. I tried to fake it last night by turning on the window unit in the office and using a fan to blow the cool air into the bedroom. At about 12:15 AM I was hot and irritated by all the noise, went downstairs and turned on the central air. Very good decision I feel at this point.

  2. I DO think that downsizing your house counts as rationing!

  3. Sometimes you just need the air-conditioning. Houses aren't built to deal with heat anymore-I don't think we are either :)