Monday, February 8, 2010

This Week's Scenarios and Menu

So, first things first...

Last week we used all of our red and blue/green points...again. Really, I don't see this changing anytime soon. After suffering a week for purchasing ketchup (still in shock over how many blue/green points that costs us) I vow to squeeze out every bit of point purchase I can because, thanks to the Randomizer, we have no idea what items are or are not going to be available. As inconvenient as it may seem I consider this a historically accurate development and success for the project.

We used 145 of our 192 allotted miles. TMOTH had to drive himself to work (rather than carpool) at least once and we had a 14 mile round trip to a nearby hamlet to pick up a gently used treadmill.

Because we have a rule preferring used items for non-perishable purchases during the rationing year (and, really, that should be our rule everyday), it took about a month's worth of searching to find a used treadmill that: 1) works, 2) has an adjustable incline, 3) is a reputable brand, and 4) was within our price range. Anything we found on Freecycle was in rough shape (understandably - it's free!) and the listings on Craig's List were mostly for primo-top-of-the-line models that were reduced to only a million dollars after the owners shelled out bajillions. Eventually, a serendipitous e-mail from a co-worker sealed the deal on a perfect treadmill at the perfect price. This was definitely not an instant gratification process. Again...inconvenient? Yes. Appropriate for our rationing redux? Most definitely, considering most appliances were rationed during the War.

After that victory we were ready to see what Mr. Bowles' Amazing Marketplace Scenario Randomizer had for us. Another week with only two scenarios:

  • Alternative sweeteners (molasses, honey, corn syrup, maple syrup, etc.) - only substandard (off-brand) quality available
  • Canned soups and sauces - Victory Special! Available at half the usual ration points
(Okay self, just breath and stay calm...)

First - alternative sweeteners...luckily I had purchased molasses the previous week (we were getting awfully low to guarantee another batch of Oatmeal Raisin Cookies), and our syrup and honey supplies are well-stocked. Lucked out once again.

Whoa, that's weird, don't know why the font went all wonky there. Anyhoo...

(Big gasp for breath...just let it out...)

Oh my gosh! A Victory Special! Seven weeks into rationing and this is our first Victory Special! And did you see what it was for, friends? Canned soups and sauces! And what is a very common type of sauce? Tomato sauce! Remember my rantings last week at how ridiculously point expensive tomato products are? I would like to be all cool and suave and tell you that I absolutely did not freak (in a good way) and stand in the tomato-based sauce section of the grocery store, drumming my fingertips together like a mad scientist while chuckling absurdly at all the half-point tomato sauces.

But, friend, I did. And I bought them.

Okay, now that I blurted out my excitement, here's our menu for this week:
Saturday: Fried chicken, mash potatoes and gravy
Sunday: Lentil loaf and (canned) carrots
Monday: Homemade pizza (mushroom, olives, pepperoni and left-over sausage from the sausage loaf)
Tuesday: Grilled pork steak and Asian cabbage salad
Wednesday: Baked potatoes and cottage cheese
Thursday: Black bean soup, sour cream and Frito's
Friday: From-scratch macaroni and cheese and cabbage salad

Maybe I'll get organized and make a post for the macaroni and cheese recipe. It's authentic 1940s, with real butter, cream and cheese. A little excessive for rationing? Yes.

But you gotta live.

--Rational Mama

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  1. Carol is doing a sprouting workshop between services on the 28th of this month. Perhaps an answer to the missing greens in your diet!