Friday, March 5, 2010

A Bumpy Day

Yesterday had a few bumps to it, it seems.

First, we had an early morning emergency jump start of one of the vehicles. Apparently, in the hustle and bustle of checking the weekly mileage on the vehicles the night before I left the keys in the ignition and in the "accessories" position (yes, you may sent a Homer-like "D'oh!" my way). Luckily, I did this in the vehicle in the garage and NOT the one in the alley (otherwise, this could have been a much bigger bump in the day). Early morning jump starts while you're trying to get to work on time are no fun.

Second, Eowyn's been home sick for a few days with a fever and sore throat. It's no fun for anyone to have a puny little one in the house, especially one with huge brown eyes (and she knows how to use them).

Also, the oven range was repaired. Apparently the computer unit and digital oven display were shot and were replaced to the tune of $271.00. Cheaper than buying a new oven? Yes. But it still hurts. And I still blame the liver.

And speaking of hurts, I had my regular blood donation appointment (how very "Greatest Generation" of me) yesterday after work. For the first time in ages they had real trouble finding a vein and ended up poking me in both arms. Actually, "poking" isn't the most accurate term - probably "harpooning" would be more appropriate, as evidenced by the nice-sized bruises on both arms this morning. But those obligatory Nutter Butters they push on you after you donate were sure delicious.

I'm home with a recovering Eowyn today while TMOTH helps out with Sissy's class - they have an all-day field trip. I think I might have the better end of that deal, since so far Eowyn's in pretty good spirits and there is no sign of the fever yet.

Maybe we can sneak out into the backyard and soak up some of this delicious sunshine with which we've been blessed. This time of year I can often be found in the backyard, staring at the garden and scratching my head, mentally planning what will go where.

The peas should be in the ground before month's end! Better get cracking!

Hope everyone is having a nice spring day.

--Rational Mama


  1. hope the little one is feeling better and you guys can enjoy a nice weekend... I just noticed that I'dmissed your energy post and wanted to comment...we keep our thermostat at 68 in the winter and have the lower level bump down colder than that at night, but we have a little heater in hannah's room b/c it gets cold since it's over the garage. in the summer we run the AC at 78 and i think that is not nearly cool enough. of course we also run a ceiling fan in nearly every room!