Saturday, March 27, 2010

This Week's Scenarios and Menu...and Planting Day!

Let me just cut to the chase and express my excitement that we finally stock-piled (which, dear reader, is completely different than hoarding) enough red-point items so that we were able to buy a nice, big eight pound ham this week! Yay! It took up nearly our entire 64 point allotment, but we did it!

Here's the menu for this week:

Saturday: ham, cheesy potatoes and (frozen) broccoli
Sunday: homemade pizza (onion, mushroom, olive and pepperoni)
Monday: Italian doe (like Italian beef but with venison), (canned) green beans and bread buns
Tuesday: black bean soup, Frito's and sour cream
Wednesday: pesto and noodles
Thursday: grilled chicken breasts, (frozen) green beans and fresh bread
Friday: baked potatoes, (frozen) broccoli and cottage cheese

During the previous weeks I also stock-piled (there's that word again) enough canned/bottled essentials to splurge on some frozen vegetables this week (although one bag was purchased during a previous week's shopping). I am so excited to have some non-cabbage green in our diets!

Our scenarios this week were:

Shortening - surplus, available for only 1/2 the usual rationing points
Salad Oils - scarce, available for 1 1/2 times the usual ration points
Pork - scarce, available for 1 1/2 times the usual ration points

I'm anti-shortening right now and have a good supply of salad oils so the first two scenarios weren't much of a bother. For the record, from the beginning of the rationing project we've classified ham as a processed meat, rather than pork, when it comes to the scenario randomizer.

Otherwise, spring is busting out all over and we're taking full advantage of it! Earlier in the week TMOTH planted our two new blueberry bushes and today the girls and I headed to the greenhouse and planted seeds for tomatoes, peppers, basil, marigolds, zinnias and coleus.

Aren't they cute when they help?

I also planted some lettuce starts, as well as seeds for lettuce, mesclun, spinach and radishes in our traditional spot for cool-season vegetables: the patch of dirt on the east side of the greenhouse. This is a great place for tender leaf vegetables because they only get sun during the first half of the day and the residual heat from the (solar-heated) greenhouse provides a buffer for chilly spring nights.

With warmer weather here this week I'm hoping to make some final plans for our annex gardening spaces (provided by some great people) and post some pics for you to get the full understanding of all of our plantings.

In the meantime, reader, please tell me what you have planted so far!

--Rational Mama

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  1. I have never planted a thing in my life. This is my sad reality. Until I became interested in whole, nutritious foods I could have cared less about my lack of a green thumb. But now I long to learn the ways of one who grows food. It doesn't help that my yard is almost always completely shaded and taken over by two insane dogs-- one who has been known to destroy our tomato plants. This is why I shop the farmer's market and want to get info on a CSA (that's what it's called right?). But I am rootin' for ya'll!