Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And Then Things Became REALLY Interesting...

Tonight I was working on menu planning for next week, deciding which meals sounded yummy and their corresponding point values. And something kept nagging me...we have too many blue/green points - you know, the points used for canned and frozen foods (I know that you knew what blue/green points were used for because you are all rationing experts now). 192 points is too many - I have a hard time using that many per week and that doesn't seem right.

So I went back to my research I did during the initial phase of the project and looked at my notes.

And I compared it with my research I did last weekend at the Kansas Historical Society.

My suspicions were correct. Apparently, there was an error in my original notes...we do not have 192 blue/green points per week.

We have...are you ready?

We have 48 blue/green points per week. That's it.

Take a look at the handy-dandy point chart again, my friends.

Things just got substantially more interesting.

Oh. Boy.

--Rational Mama


  1. oh, my goodness! Let us know how that will affect your meals--I hope it's not too dramatic. Also, I just read your OMG and I was already hungry--but now I really want a salad!

  2. Well that certainly does change things!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us all.

    I've given you a blog award:

  3. I had no idea there was rationing in the USA. Over here we were always told that the Americans had unlimited quantities of everything.

  4. It's true - we had rationing on this side of the pond but it was very different from your rationing. First, food rationing in the U.S. didn't begin until mid-1942 so, like our involvement in the war, we were late in the game. Our rationing was much less restrictive than the British system, partly due to a very different kind of war (over "there" vs. at home). I also think the variety in the U.S. climate helped mediate the fruit and veg issues, since most of it could be grown here if needed, rather than needing to be shipped from elsewhere. Thanks for stopping by - hope you found some interesting reading!