Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Little Green Experiment

Not much time to post - I'm busy finishing up my text for a public presentation I have about the rationing project tomorrow. But, I was happy to squeeze in this project today while the sun was still out to warm our backs!

Rational Living reader Kari suggested the wonderful idea of a window-shelf planting of lettuce to help with my salad cravings. Four different rooms in our house have south-facing windows - it's a 100 year old American Foursquare and yes, I'm a big enough history dork that I'm seriously considering throwing it a birthday party this summer for it's big centennial.

Anyhoo...the south-facing window in the dinning room wouldn't work because it is shaded by the attached enclosed porch off of the back of the house. The kitchen nook has great light, but it is one of the favorite lounge spots for our two cats (who would love to nosh on the selection of fresh greens). The girls' room (they share a room by choice) would be challenging for plants because of the current furniture arrangement. That leaves the bathroom, which has really amazing amounts of sunlight and has available many hooks for hanging plants.

So, an indoor lettuce garden we will have, but it will be a hanging garden.

Sissy and I headed outdoors and planted two hanging pots with lettuce and mesclun seeds. It was nice to have such a cute and willing helper.

The pots are now covered with plastic and resting atop our refrigerator - our traditional resting spot for plantings until they germinate. After sprouts appear I'll remove the plastic and let them grow and acclimate a bit before moving them up to the sunny bathroom.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

--Rational Mama

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  1. Well you have good company in your nerdly pursuits. We too have been contemplating a celebration of our home's 100 year anniversary as well.

    I just keep wondering if we could get away with a "work party." The theme could be something like,"Keep the house standing for another 100 years." Or something like that.
    Probably wouldn't get a good turn out. Better stick with a BBQ or somesuch.