Sunday, January 24, 2010

This Week's Scenarios and Menu

Another week...and I'm starting to dream about salads. Nice, green, crispy salads...

Last week we used 103 of our 193 allotted miles. I think The Man of the House is working on a blog entry about gasoline usage and hoarding...or how I won't let him hoard as much as he wants to. Look for that to appear within the next week or so.

Last week we used all 59 of our reduced 59 red points and 88 of our (incorrectly calculated) 178 blue/green points (we went out on Tuesday, hence the reduce points).

For those of you who missed the post a few days ago, we have since learned that we are allowed only 48 blue/green points per week!

The good news is is that this week we have only one scenario:

Canned soups and sauces are scarce and only available at half the normal purchase/recipe quantity.

With that in mind, here's this week's menu:

Saturday: Homemade pizza (pepperoni, mushroom and onion)
Sunday: BBQ pork country-style ribs, cheesy potatoes and (canned) green beans
Monday: Carrot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches
Tuesday: Thai chicken thighs, rice and baked cabbage
Wednesday: Buttermilk pancakes and bacon
Thursday: Chicken broth soup (made with the thigh bones from making Tuesday's chicken boneless) and corn dumplings
Friday: Dinner out

Yes, I realize that said "Dinner out" for Friday night, even though we had our official "one dinner out per month as a family" last week. We've been gifted two dinner theater tickets to see some of our two best buddies in a play on Friday. Since dinner is included, and since the girls will be having a sleepover with their aunt that night we've reduced our allotted ration points for the week to 59 red (rather than 64) and 45 blue/green (rather than 48) accordingly.

I also purchased our allotted 2 pounds of sugar and finally purchased our second one pound coffee allowance for the month.

On Tuesday of this week we'll officially mark one calendar month of the project, so I'll work on a little recap for you. I'm also scheduled to give a presentation at out church next weekend, so when the text for that is finalized I'll post it as well.

Thanks for all your support!

--Rational Mama


  1. Congrats on making your first month through this. It seemed fast to me, but I'm sure not so much for you all! Friday night sounds like fun. I love doing the dinner and a play thing! Nice date (and good chocolate cake, too)!

  2. Were seeds scarce? If not, have you thought about trying a windowsill lettuce garden?

    We successfully grow greens inside our house when the pots are set near a southern facing window.

    Oh, and congrats on making it through your first month!!

  3. Finally getting back to the blog - sorry for the delay.

    Seeds were sometimes scarce, especially during the Victory Garden boom. Rarely were the unavailable.

    As you've already seen, Kari, we took your suggestion to heart!