Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Light in the Darkness

What is a rationing mother to do when the family must be fed, she doesn't want to cook anything complicated and the rest of the clan wants something tasty now?

Ahhh, yeah! She pulls out a can of SPAM (or, SPAM light) and makes SPAM burgers with a side of fresh roasted sweet potato wedges.

Easy, relatively quick and everyone is happy! Yay for SPAM!

--Rational Mama


  1. So glad you all can stomach that. Maybe it's the whole "meat and pregnancy" conspiracy, but I can hardly stomach the picture of the meat. Yet another reason for me to be so very humbled by your experience!

  2. I love Spam. It is always good to have some in the cupboard, especially when one is in a quandary as to what to serve with one's processed cheese food (aka Velveeta).

    Speaking of Velveeta, I just finished listen to over 300 episodes of The Great Gildersleeve that are available for free download over at the Internet Archive web site. The program was very popular during WWII and I learned a lot about living of ration points, making do with less, gas rationing and in general all sorts of WW II home front issues. The program was on the air the day Pearl Harbor was bombed so you can hear how the radio programing dealt with the then breaking story.

    The show was sponsored by Kraft Foods, but was know as Kraft Cheese Company early in the war. The program dates from about 1939-1958. Before Kraft had Velveeta they had a product called Pabst's-ette. That is Pabst's, as in the beer, who got into producing cheese food during Prohibition. Kraft I guess bought the patent and it eventually morphed into our beloved Velveeta or at least it was Velveeta's first cousin.

    Anyway, the whole program was really fun listening. You can't get much better entertainment for a limited budget like mine. If you want to search it out go to the Internet Archive and type in The Great Gildersleeve and search under Radio Programs in the drop down menu. Its a great site but the search function stinks so make sure you look in the radio section. They have a ton of old time radio from the WW II era besides this series also. I like Suspense a lot which was also popular during the War.