Wednesday, April 7, 2010


On Sunday night we had roast chicken, fresh bread and butter and SALAD!

Real salad!

Salad that included more than just the store-bought iceburg poor-excuse-for-something-green-and-leafy thing.

Salad that included this:
Isn't it beautiful? This is hand-picked red lettuce, green lettuce and mesclun from our garden/pots. (Squeal!)

I was able to pick a decent bowlful for Sunday's dinner, but I did have to supplement it with the iceburg lettuce for volume. Still, around half of it was homegrown!

And even though there were no extras in the salad (tomatoes, cucumbers and such are not yet seasonally available) everyone ate all their salad with just lettuce and dressing.

This is the first time in over three months that non-iceburg lettuce has been in our house. That's over one-quarter of a year, folks!

AND, the farmer's market opens this weekend in our town, and our CSA subscription starts next week. All of this means our produce selections will immediately skyrocket!

Ah, the good life!

--Rational Mama

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  1. Hope to see you Saturday!! I seriously can't wait!