Monday, April 5, 2010

This Week's Scenarios and Menu...Or is it?

So, I've been genuinely interested are the readers of Rational Living regarding the weekly menu rundown?

Are you really interested?

Only kinda?

Really just want to hear the stories about historic recipes and epiphanies and the like?

Because, to be honest with you, the blogging of the weekly menu has become a tedious chore for me. I admit it. It's right up there with cleaning out the hermit crab tank (because two cats and a dog aren't enough) and taking out the trash.

BUT if you, the readers, really want to see that weekly listing then that serves as extra encouragement to get it done.

Or, if you're all "Meh," about the weekly menu then I'd be fine letting it fall to the wayside in lieu of more historical discussion, highlighting of recipes and general gripes and concerns (i.e. Egads! No salad oil for three weeks in a row!).


Oh, and the title of this post...the girls have this "cute" game they like to play on Mom and Dad. Here's how it works: we say some ultimate statement of truth, and then they follow it up with "Or is it?" For example:

"Dinner is ready." "Or is it?"

"It's time for bath." "Or is it?"

"That's a really great book." "Or is it?"

You get the idea. They can play this game ad nauseum. Luckily, though, they've managed to stop on their own good will before I actually produced the nauseum part. It's a sort of Cold War/ war of escalation scenario right in our own home. How very historical of us (but it's totally the wrong period of time for the rationing project).

So if you have a minute, leave a thought or two of what you'd like to see more of on this blog, and what you can do with out.

Thanks a bunch!

--Rational Mama


  1. I like it but I know what meal planning is like and I hate it. A lot of times if I post my intentions, we never stick to it. How about at the end of the week you write what meals you had and how it went.

    Personally, I love the stories, the history, the old pics and I also like the day to day stuff. I find it all interesting. But ultimately you are the one you need to make happy with your blogging. It shouldn't be a tedious chore, but something you love because it shows through when you right.

    So basically, do what you want to do and I'm sure we'll enjoy it :)

  2. hmmm.... the liver story has been my favorite to date. It discussed what you ate... in a very entertaining way. I don't think the menu is necessary, and dropping it would leave more time for narrative anecdotes like that one. But do you need to post the menu.... to stay on track with the menu? Does having it out there hold you accountable? Or do you have enough will power without us? I'm guessing you do.

  3. The only reasons I can think of for continuing to post the scenarios and menus are 1) if doing so is good discipline for you (to keep you writing, which I know can be half the battle) or 2) if we readers are likely to provide good feedback. If you're stuck figuring out how to make dinner from cardboard tubes and a leather boot, maybe we can help. Or maybe it will be good entertainment! Otherwise, I think you've posted enough already to establish how the system works, so focus on what's fresh and new!

  4. Go for the highlights--no reason to clean the bottom of another pet cage! But Ben has a good point--if it's good discipline to keep track along the way, it's a good idea to continue. (...or is it?) Personally, I still chuckle over the story of the standing rib roast made of sausages and mac&cheese that turned into a greasy goo with underdone sausages.

  5. First, let me say that our readers are the best evuh! Based on these comments and those of our friends that follow the blog through Facebook I will be dropping the regular weekly menu posting and instead focusing on the living part of Rational Living. I'm still keeping a journal of our menus and what we're spending our points on, so that information won't be lost (it just won't be part of the blog content unless something particularly interesting and/or meaningful occurs). Instead, look for more historical essays and rationing insights.