Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The whole house fan is officially operational! We can only run it on low right now (need more ventilation in the attic for the high setting), but even on low the effect is quite nice.

And the timing couldn't be more perfect - the project high temperatures for the next eight days are all in the low- to mid- 90s.

How are you staying cool this summer?

--Rational Mama


  1. We're having temps in the low to mid 60's right now so it's pretty easy to stay cool.

    I'm so afraid we'll have another year without a summer.

    Last summer we rarely had days hit the 80s.

  2. We had a very cool and wet summer last year and so far this year is quite similar to last year. My loyalties are divided - I'd like the cooler summer because of no air conditioning, but we need a nice hot summer to help the Victory Gardens. Sigh.