Monday, June 28, 2010

Eowyn Hearts Pizza (and Heart)

Tonight we're having homemade pizza for dinner. Not just any homemade pizza, though - I'm making deep dish Chicago-style stuffed pizza!

I bought small amounts of Italian sausage and pepperoni (2 red points each) for me, TMOTH and Sissy. Eowyn normally likes hers vegetarian-style with either a straight cheese or cheese and olive combo.

When I was confirming what the girls wanted on their pizza, Eowyn asked, "Is there heart?"

I'm sure I gave her a good look because at first my mind didn't compute what she was asking. "Heart" and "pizza aren't normally in the same she asking if the pizza will have heart - i.e. am I putting love in to it?

Oh, wait.

"Do you mean, is there leftover heart in the fridge?"

"Yes!" she replied, eager for the answer.

"Um, yeah. Do you want me to chop some of it up and put it in your pizza?"

"Yes, please." And off she went to play dolls with her sister.

This is very strange behavior from a girl who normally doesn't like beef - even when it's a standard (non-organ) cut. But she loves venison, so maybe the game-like qualities of the heart won her over.

Never in my life did I think I would be making a beef heart and olive pizza for my youngest.

Chalk it up to another rational experience!

--Rational Mama


  1. Maybe she's actually a vampire.

  2. Not to worry...she's the only red-head I know that can tan (a good sign she's not a vampire) AND when she was eating her pizza she decided she didn't want the meat in it and picked all of it out. Normal returns.