Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can't Be Beet

Local beets are just now becoming available at the farmer's market and a few days ago I pickled a few jars of beets.
I love working with beets - there is something about their intense color that suggests jewels or gems, hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. And the way they stain your fingers keeps them on the mind long after they've entered your tummy.

--Rational Mama


  1. I love me some veggies, but that is one I just can't stand. Even cabbage I can stand a little, especially mixed in with other things. Do you like the as is, or do you prepare them some way that makes you like them a bit bettter?

  2. I like them broiled, pickled or roasted! Everyone has a fruit or vegetable they just can't stand. Mine is pineapple - it's tastes sickeningly sweet to me.

  3. Leftover roast pork, made into sandwiches on really soft bread rolls, with real butter and sliced pickled beetroot. Mmmmmmm. Now I'm hankering for one. :-D Those beets looks beautiful!